MoCM: DIY Sound Modules

Andreas developed early in his teens a taste for DIY constructions, so it was just a matter of his initiation to electronic music to take sound modules to another level.

A composer and performer of electronic and computer music himself, he soon caught on to the potential of both live shows and the experience of music making in terms of "instrument" use. MoCM sound solutions come as an answer to those fields which rely largely on software's algorithmic "point, scroll and click" routine; however they can easily adapt to all kinds of music genres.

By focusing on circuit-bending, prototyping and junk instrument philosophy, these DIY sound modules open a whole new world of creativity and experimenting for studio recordings or live performances. All modules are unique, incorporating a variety of materials and features. Hacked toys, old consoles, electronic components, pieces of wood and any kind of random objects are turned into synths, sound generators and noise makers which produce, reproduce and modify sound. Their feel is equally old school and futuristic, elegant and edgy, fun and inspiring.

The MoCM lab is a work in progress. Complementary to the line of sound modules which can be purchased via the MoCM Ebay store, it welcomes interaction as well as brainstorming, and it is orientated to workshops and improvs aiming at breaking new artistic grounds.

more: www.mocm.gr

some of his work:

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