Nouvelle Vague - Road To Nowhere

..you are so far away!!!
sas stelnoume tin agapi mas ka8e ka8e mera!!!!!

Devendra Banhart - Feel Just Like A Child





Τρύπες - Πάρτυ στον 13ο όροφο

Party στον 4ο οροφο.

Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis (born 1965) is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and composer, best known for his work with Dirty Three, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Grinderman and his soundtrack scores with Nick Cave. He plays violin, piano, bouzouki, guitar, flute and mandolin. Ellis is also known for his excessive and eccentric, though amusing banter between songs during Dirty Three live shows. Ellis currently lives in Paris, with his wife and two children.

Ellis was born in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Ellis moved from Ballarat, in regional Victoria, to Melbourne, and completed a Diploma of Education in Music and English; studied classical violin, traveled, busked, and performed chamber music. He spent a few years teaching in secondary schools before resigning; wrote music for theatre groups and performed at art openings and plays in Melbourne and then begun playing with Melbourne bands. Before forming in 1992, the Dirty Three, with Jim White and Mick Turner, Ellis played with several groups and individuals: Paranoid; the Nursing Mothers; The Slub, which also included Mick Turner; These Future Kings, Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric, The Blackeyed Susans, and Dave McComb of The Triffids.

In 1995, Ellis was invited to play with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on a recording; he remained with the band and continues to play and record with the Bad Seeds, and Grinderman, formed as a spin-off group from the Bad Seeds, who have released two albums. In 2002, Ellis released a solo album on King Crab records called Three Pieces for Violin. Since 2005 he has played on several Marianne Faithfull albums, and collaborated with Nick Cave exclusively; the two composed the award-winning score of the film The Proposition, and then collaborated again on the score of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. In 2009, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis released White Lunar - an album that includes other soundtrack scores. As of 2009 Ellis continues to perform in The Dirty Three, the Bad Seeds, and Grinderman.

Dirty Three - Horse (1996)

Dirty Three - The Restless Waves (1998)

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Mick Turner, Jim White - Queenie's Suite (2005)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - What Must Be Done (2007)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Legend of Jesse James (2007)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Beach (2009)

Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter

Cake - Comfort eagle

The Rolling Stones - Under my thumb

The Sonics - Psycho

back from the Sonics. Once more long live rock n roll!


Neil Young - Cocaine Eyes

Soledad Brothers - The Gospel According to John

The Dead Weather - So Far From Your Weapon

The Black Belles - What Can I Do?

Richard Hell

Richard Hell was one of the original punk rockers to emerge from New York City in the early to mid-'70s, and is often pointed to as a major influence by other subsequent punk bands -- whether it be with his music, poetry, or even fashion sense (he was one of the first punks to wear ripped clothing). Born Richard Meyers in October 2, 1949, and raised in Lexington, KY, Meyers discovered rock & roll via the usual suspects (Rolling Stones, etc.), and befriended another local music fan, Tom Miller. Miller and Meyers embarked on an unsuccessful hitchhiking journey down south before being picked up by police and sent back to their families, but the taste of life on the road was enough for Meyers to realize that he wanted to relocate to New York. During the late '60s/early '70s, Meyers worked on original poetry and picked up the bass guitar, as he was soon joined in New York by his old pal Miller (who had become quite an accomplished guitarist by this time).

The pair promptly changed their names (Miller -- Verlaine, Meyers -- Hell) and formed the Neon Boys in 1974, changing their name shortly thereafter to Television. Influenced by such proto-punks as the Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls, the new group (which also includes second guitarist Richard Lloyd and drummer Billy Ficca) began playing regularly in the downtown Bowery area of N.Y.C., and slowly built a following playing regularly at places like CBGB's. Along with Blondie, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, and Ramones, Television lent a major hand in putting New York's punk scene on the map, but Hell grew frustrated with his role in the group (the group's leader was unmistakably Verlaine, while few of Hell's compositions were used) and left in 1975. Hell wasn't band-less for long -- it was right at this time that Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan left the New York Dolls, and immediately asked Hell if he was interested in playing bass for their new outfit, the Heartbreakers.

But, like his previous band, it quickly became established that Hell would not be the leader (Thunders was), and despite rave reviews, Hell jumped ship just a few months later. Undeterred, Hell decided to form his own band, Richard Hell & the Voidoids. Putting together a stellar lineup (including one of the genre's finest guitarists, Robert Quine, as well as second guitarist Ivan Julian and drummer Marc Bell). The quartet was an immediate hit with the CBGB's crowd, as Hell was finally able to utilize the backlog of compositions that he had compiled over the past few years. After a self-titled, three-track EP was issued independently in 1976, the group inked a recording contract with Sire.

Their 1977 debut, Blank Generation, has gone on to become one of punk's all-time classics, spawning such standards as the title track and "Love Comes in Spurts," as the band toured the world, including a tumultuous stint opening for the Clash in England. Despite a promising career ahead of them, little was heard from the group subsequently (Hell's substance use around this time may have had something to do with the delay, as well as his dissatisfaction with touring). With most assuming that the group had broken up, Hell decided to revive the Voidoids in 1982, although Hell and Quine were the only members remaining from their previous incarnation. The resulting album, Destiny Street, was another exceptional set of punk-pop, spawning another quirky classic with "The Kid With the Replaceable Head." Yet once again, the group failed to follow the record-tour-record-tour pattern, as the Voidoids sunk from sight (although Quine around this time was doing double duty -- lending his six-string talents to Lou Reed's solo band, including the albums The Blue Mask, Legendary Hearts, and New Sensations).

Hell kept himself busy in the '80s with his poetry and bit parts in movies, his best-known role being Madonna's boyfriend in 1985's Desperately Seeking Susan, while a 14-track collection of Voidoids outtakes and live material, R.I.P., was issued on the ROIR label (another collection, this one a set of live tracks, followed a few years later, titled Funhunt). Just as it appeared as though Hell had turned his back on music for good, he reappeared in 1992 as part of the group Dim Stars (which featured Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley, as well as Gumball's Don Fleming, and, once again, Robert Quine on guitar), issuing a self-titled release the same year. The group proved to be a nonpermanent project, however, as the '90s saw several archival releases that featured Hell circa the '70s -- the Heartbreakers' What Goes Around and Live at Mothers, plus a CD single on the U.K. label Overground which featured a few rare tracks from the Neon Boys.

Hell has authored several books over the years, including such titles as Wanna Go Out? (a collection of poems collaborated on with Verlaine), I Was a Spiral on the Floor, Artifact, and Across the Years, plus the short novel The Voidoid. Hell has also served as editor for New York literary magazine CUZ for the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, and, in 1996, issued his first full-length novel, Go Now (which was also released as a spoken word CD under the same name, with Robert Quine laying down some splendid noisy licks under the text). Hell and the former Voidoids were interviewed around this time for the excellent book Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk, which offered interesting insight into Hell's early years. In the late '90s, Hell began doing readings at clubs, universities, bookstores, plus other venues across the U.S. and also Europe, and also found the time to put together a gallery show of his drawings at the Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery in New York. In 2000, Hell reunited the original lineup of the Voidoids to record a new composition, "Oh," which initially appeared as a free download on a website, before being included on the 2001 compilation Beyond.

Cyberpunk. ~ Greg Prato, Rovi


The Heartbreakers - Love comes in spurts (1973)

Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Blank Geration (1977)

Richard Hell & the Voidoids - I'm Your Man (1977)

Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Going Going Gone (1982)

Burning Spear - Slavery days

sunny winter day.

Cults - Go Outside

Dub Riots - Rumors Of The Rasta Lion



Μανώλης Χιώτης - Φλόγα

dark age mixer

1. alcalica - personal
2. δημήτρης πετσούκης - εισαγωγή στις ριζες
3. the doors - wild love
4. the sound - new dark age
5. velvet underground - heroin
6. tom waits - tango till they 're sore
7. wax tailor - hypnosis theme
8. aphex twin - vord hosbn
9. morphine - french fries w/ pepper
10. tool - the pot
11. joy division - day of the lords
12. desert sessions - cold sore super stars
13. alcalica - nebulosa ballante
14. κώστας κουρμένταλας - το πέλαγος (μουσικός επίλογος)


or listen now:

Wax Tailor - Positively Inclined

wax on the trax.

The Verve - Lucky Man

Oasis - Don't look back in anger (live)

The Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want


oktober tops vol. 3

1. nancy sinatra - burning down the spark
2. glen miller - moonlight serenade
3. les triplettes de belleville - rendez-vous
4. chinese man - i've got that tune
5. jahmiga - porque te dub
6. solal - psycho girls and psycow boys
7. pepe deluxe - salami fever
8. ratatat - tropicana
9. edith piaf - la foule
10. bob dylan - you belong to me
11. johnny cash - like a soldier
12. ricky skaggs - walls of time
13. white stripes - i'm slowly turning into you
14. flat duo jets - crazy hazy kisses
15. παύλος σιδηρόπουλος - κρίμα το παιδί
16. last drive - sidewalk stroll
17. dead weather - i can't hear you
18. ez3kiel - phantom land
19. dmitri shostakouich - waltz no. 2
20. duke ellington - caravan
21. leonard cohen - suzanne


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Devil's Waitin'

The Mystic - Forward With Jah Orthodox

Sweet Smoke - Just A Poke

dvdas γείτονας!

Kormac - Scratch Marchin

Aphex Twin - Vord Hosbn

Zwan - Number of the Beast

Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner


oktober tops vol. 2

1. white stripes - catch hell blues
2. the surfers - wipe out
3. black keys - girl is on my mind
4. nekromantix - haunted cathouse
5. massive attack - splitting the atom
6. vibronics - spiritunational
7. the tennors - ride your donkey
8. gorillaz feat. lou reed - some kind of nature
9. tricky - poppy toy
10. black chow - wonderland
11. aphrodite's child - the four horsemen
12. γιάννης αγγελάκας - όταν χαράζει
13. venetian snares - szamar madar
14. d-jahsta - grecoskunk
15. dj krush - shinjiro (harsh mix)
16. pupajim - tv addict
17. ανδρείκελος feat. νικόλας (razastarr) - ημερολόγιο
18. sam lightnin' hopkins - cotton


oktober tops vol. 1

1. dave brubeck - take 5
2. kid koala - fender bender
3. demented scumcats - hills on fire
4. the feeling of love - handclap girl
5. nick cave & the bad seed - hold on to yourself
6. tom waits - jesus gonna be here
7. david ‘honeyboy’ edwards - gambling man
8. beasts of bourbon - psycho
9. acid baby jesus - hospitals
10. jedi mind tricks - death march
11. gorillaz - fire coming out of a monkey’s head
12. blockhead - insomniac olympics
13. bob marley - mellow mood
14. little walter - my babe
15. the doors - the changeling
16. 5nizza - ja soldat
17. john lee hooker with carlos santana - chill out
18. radio citizen feat. bajka - the hop
19. θανάσης παπακωνσταντίνου - Μ81
20. iota - perdu


Woven Hand - Another Whitie Bird

Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am


Pink Floyd - Money

How much money do YOU get ? simple question ,dont get stressed.